QSPM Services

From initial instruction, through to occupation of buildings, QSPM can provide clients with a complete range of project management and cost management services with a range of specialist services tailored to fit the individual project requirements. Our Project Management and Cost Management services, including specialist services, are:

Project Management

Our Project Managers provide dedicated management to ensure project success. We offer a professional service to plan, lead, organise, and control the management of projects and programme to completion.

Cost Management

QSPM provide clients with assurance of their financial risk for a project. We ensure effective cost planning and budget control, best value for money, and ultimately, sustainable profitability. With access to cost data we are able to provide more accurate advice on the cost implications of client requirements.

Employers Agent

The QSPM team have extensive experience in the role of Employer’s Agent, acting as contract administrator for Clients. By selecting a design and build procurement route we can provide the appropriate services for the construction contract.

Contractual Support

The team are practised in providing expertise on the contractual and legal processes associated with every stage of the construction cycle. We can also provide this expertise for every type of building or engineering contract. We can also provide expert witness support if required.

Engineering Services

The team can offer expert cost advice and management services in respect of mechanical and electrical plant, machinery and equipment and service infrastructures. We also have a broad knowledge of the application of renewable technologies and sustainability approaches, as well as utilities and infrastructure.

Value Planning & Risk

We take a collaborative, team based approach to value management across the project life cycle to help define, maximise and achieve value for money. Project risks are recognised and actively managed. Our extensive experience can be tailored reducing risk, improving value and delivering positive outcomes..

Strategic Planning

QSPM have knowledge of providing strategic planning services to support client organisations in planning their strategy. We can assist with setting goals, determining actions to achieve those goals, and in making decisions on allocating resources to follow the strategy.

Whole Life Cost Planning

QSPM have the expertise to both coordinate and contribute to the whole-life costing of a project. This collaborative process enables decisions to be made about value for money in the planning stages by looking at the balance between design, development, construction, occupation and maintenance costs. Our access to benchmark data and understanding of future cost trends can also benefit the process.

Relocation Planning

As with any major project, proper planning and organisation are key to a successful move. Once the decision to relocate is made, QSPM can bring our experience of the construction process to assist with development of a Relocation Project Plan to minimise disruption and expense.

Project Management and Cost Management QSPM Consultants
Project Management and Cost Management QSPM Consultants
Project Management and Cost Management QSPM Consultants

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